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Psychotherapy & Psycho-spiritual mentoring 

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Whether you are coming to therapy with a particular issue, a general sense of unwellness, or a deeper search for purpose and meaning, I intend to walk alongside you: to help you better understand your feelings and experiences, unravel your personal history, and in so doing overcome the challenges you might be facing in your life. 

As a trainee integrative psychotherapist, I work creatively and intuitively by drawing from a variety of approaches — from psychodynamic, to Jungian, humanistic and existential — all the while holding in mind a holistic, transpersonal perspective.

I am a firm believer in the capacity of the human body/mind to heal its wounds and break free of limitations, and am passionate about supporting people access their own inner guidance and resources.

My approach



Online Psychotherapy • Short-term or Long-term

50min session

Whether you are seeking support with a particular issue, looking to address the effects of adverse experiences, or on a deeper search for purpose and meaning, I provide a confidential space where we can work together to explore whatever difficulties you are facing and find ways to bring about positive life changes.


Psychospiritual approach to health • wellbeing • personal growth

50min session

Drawing from my experience of transpersonal psychotherapy as well as over a decade of intensive meditative training in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, I offer to accompany you on your own exploration of psychological wellbeing and spiritual growth, and how to integrate spirituality with everyday life. 


Single, longer, focused session • Until you need another one

1h15 session

If you are seeking immediate support with a particular issue, and not presently interested in weekly sessions, I offer one-at-a-time therapy: a single longer session, focused on a current problem, at the end of which we attempt to come to a solution or a way forward. You are then free to decide if, or whenever you need another session. 


Personalised meditation guidance • For yourself or a small group

1h session

Whether you are new to meditation or looking for support to stabilise and deepen your practice, I offer personalised meditation classes for individuals or small groups (friends or colleagues for instance). By drawing from my training in both secular mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhism, I offer to help you find a practice that feels right to you.

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